Creative Partners

Creative help for marketing managers

Ever get the feeling your creative agency has gone a bit stale? Have a sneaking suspicion you’re not quite as important to them as you once were? We’d love to show you what happens when you shake things up.

  • A creative partner: We start by really getting to know your business and marketing objectives. So when you give us your briefs, we can work alongside you to deliver exactly what you need. With a little extra wow. Find out more about how we work.
  • Award-winning: Of course you expect serious creativityfrom your agency. So that’s what we deliver. Every time. In spades. What’s more, our award-winning team works fast, and keeps you in the loop.
  • New approaches: Let the fresh thinking of Happy loose on your briefs and the results won’t look like anyone else’s. Here’s the proof, and the brands we’ve helped reinvigorate.
  • Every expertise: Marketing, creative, digital, branding, PR: we’ve in-house experts for every project, so you canget the whole job done with just one call.

Let’s bring some fresh ideas to your brief. You can talk to us about it here.

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Creative help for marketing managers

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