Fresh insights, and how to use them to launch your new brand, or rejuvenate your existing one.

“I can’t start my day without my Costa Coffee”
“I wouldn’t survive without my iPhone”
“I love my Ugg boots”

“I need to Google that”

We may not realise it, but we share some deep-seated emotions with the brands we use every day. Our relationships with them infiltrate our work, our home life and the bits in between. Some of them become so much a part of our lives they stop existing as nouns, and become verbs (Google, Velcro, Tipp-Ex etc).

That emotional connection is the very essence of a great brand. It’s what generates brand loyalty and makes us advocates for one brand over another.

Yet when there’s is so much ‘noise’ around us, and with so many brands competing for attention, how can brand managers, marketing managers and company owners give their latest brands the chance to create strong bonds and emotional connections of their own?

Happy Branding Workshops

Happy Creative’s interactive branding workshops give you real insight into where your brand power lies, and how to apply it to launching a new brand, or reinvigorating an existing one. We’ll help you explore and answer:

  • What is a brand?
  • How strong is your existing brand?
  • How should you position your brand?
  • How can you create meaningful brand values?
  • How does your brand compare with its competitors?
  • Where are the unique ‘gaps’ that give your brand a competitive advantage?

Who are Happy Branding Workshops for?

  • An ideal maximum of 6 people
  • Usually at senior management team level (although this can vary)
  • You’ll be looking to launch a new brand, or refresh a brand you already have
  • It doesn’t matter whether you’re a marketing expert or entirely new to branding, we’ll tailor the content to you, your company and your experience

Who’s leading the workshop?

Every session is interactive – but is led by Happy’s team of expert brand managers and branding specialists. Every Happy facilitator has helped build brands for local, national and international businesses.

For more information on how branding workshops could help your company, call 01253 446 933 or contact us.