Happy Process

Build a brand of distinction with the Happy marketing agency

Mr Edison didn’t create his light bulb without asking questions. Big questions. Serious questions that shape futures and build brands that last lifetimes.

There’s power in your brand if only you can find out how to release it. That’s where we come in. Take Happy with you on your branding journey and, whatever your light bulb moment, we’ll help you make the most of it.

This is how we’ll help build your brand…

Expanding your empire takes planning. So pack your elephant gun, writing desk and pickled dodo, and begin your quest for a better brand.

All good expeditions begin with an X on a map. In your search for marketing success, we’d suggest your X is that certain something which distinguishes you from everyone else.

Those key points of difference are your brand position. The people who love what you do are your market segments. Where you want to go next determines how we use the former to reach the latter.

Sensible, expert planning that takes your branding from A-Z. Not forgetting X, of course.

Strategic Plan

Create a clear, focussed marketing plan that aligns with your business objectives. Whether you need a sounding board, contributor or complete strategy, we’ll help you develop a plan that delivers.

Internal Marketing

Successful brands recognise the power of their people. From brand values to touchpoints, we ensure your internal marketing is delivering your messages effectively.

Customer Retention Strategy

How do you keep your customers? By knowing what matters to them. We analyse your customer data to build meaningful retention and loyalty campaigns that add value to your bottom line.

Market Segmentation

Tailor your messages to the recipients and they’re more likely to hit home. Happy creates bespoke communications that build your brand with every market segment.

Integrated Marketing

Let’s create a marketing mix that gives more people more opportunities to interact with your brand. And let’s make it run like clockwork so you don’t have to worry about what you should be doing next.

Brand evolution doesn’t have to take millennia. Don’t tell Mr Darwin.

Here’s a true story: having been through the Discovery and Plan stages of the Happy branding journey, Whitworth, a national chain of pharmacies, had a question for us. “We understand the habits of our target audience,” they said, “and we’ve explored the values that make us who we are. How do we evolve that into a brand?”

We introduced them to the Whitworth family, a design concept that perfectly captured the approachable, diverse, community driven values of the company. No other pharmacy had (or has) anything like it.

The moral of the story? Only the fittest brands on the evolutionary tree survive – and that takes goals, strategy and a magic spark of creativity.

Conceptual Thinking

It’s not only about the big, memorable ideas. Your marketing needs mileage. That’s why we subject every concept to the same rigorous test: can we apply it to your full marketing mix, and will it still work brilliantly this time next year?

Branding / Design

It takes experience, digital skill and some serious qualifications to create striking visuals that grab the attention and keep it. For brochures, direct mail or intriguing guerrilla campaigns, talk to those Happy marketing agency chaps.

Direct Mail

Successful direct mail campaigns come from carefully segmented data, brilliant ideas and design excellence. Happily, that’s what we do.

Website and Email Design and Development

Build a strong, effective online presence founded on sound strategy, good design and great content.


Create a site that sells. Literally. We’ll harness the power of the latest platforms to make buying from you simple and fast.


Powerful words pack a greater punch. Engaging ads, websites and brochures are more effective. Trust our copywriters to hit the write right tone.


Business promotion, products, training: bring them all to life by harnessing the revolutionary power of the moving image!*

*It’ll never catch on.


Engaging the right people at the right time is key to keeping your brand visible and exciting. Our PR specialists will help you create a plan that gives your brand momentum.

The way you engage with your target audience, and the timing of those interventions, is every bit as important as the substance. Wireless telegraphy might work. Then again, you could try these…

It’s the mailshot that arrives independently of the regular post, the one that makes you feel as if someone’s trying to contact you specifically.

It’s the web experience tailored to your buying habits that creates an impression that sticks.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as knowing how to time a release perfectly. Talk to the Happy Strategic Marketing Agency about effective connection strategies that don’t involve carrier pigeons.

Channel Strategy

Touchpoints (the ways in which your customers interact with you) can make or break your brand. Great brands give a consistent message at every single touchpoint. And great brands are the only sort we build.

Digital Strategy

Raise your profile, drive traffic, increase conversions: we’ll help you deliver a memorable digital experience to your customers, prospects and influencers.

Social Media

Social media tailored to your brand. We get involved. We interact. We help you get results.

Apps & Viral Games 

Why tell your audience when you could show them? Entertain them? Even challenge them? There’s huge marketing potential in animated games and viral messages. Our mobile developers will show you how.

Google Adwords/PPC Campaigns 

Targeted and optimized campaigns to put you front and centre of your customers’ search screens – and attention.

SEO / Search Marketing 

Think of Google as a skyscraper. SEO puts your business in the penthouse, with a big neon sign above it, so customers find you first. Ask us how.

Scientific application. It’s the only way to ensure your marketing is transforming your farthings into guineas.

The Happy strategic marketing agency measures people: the ones who’ve just discovered you, and the ones who keep coming back for more.

Measure the cause and effect of your marketing and you’ll understand the true impact of your brand. Measure it as insightfully as we do and you’ll go beyond demonstrating ROI.

You’ll have the blueprint for what to do next. Discover the insights Happy can bring through the application of measurement.


Set the targets, analyse the results of each campaign and use those results to form your next plans.

Focus Groups

How did our work change the way your customers see you? The right questions deliver powerful insights that help you understand your customers better. We’ll ask them.


Just how many ways can a customer come into contact with your organisation? There are probably more than you think. We’ll ensure that each of these touchpoints works harder to create a consistent brand image.

Reviewing your current marketing

Expert analysis of your current marketing activities that helps you assess what’s working, and what could be delivering more.

Ready to start your happy journey?