Hakim Shujaee

A Happy Designer & Animator

Pixels are like paper. Left to their own devices they’ll just sit there being uninspired. But when you add real creativity, artistry and an attention to detail in getting every angle just right, you create magic.

Hakim breathes life into ideas, turning concepts into campaigns, videos and infographics that in turn breathe life into our clients’ marketing. His digital design and animation skills give information power – and make viewers sit up and take notice. From infomercials and digital magazine content to how-to guides, when you need someone to deliver eye-popping, cutting edge, never-seen-that-before impact, talk to Hakim.

Hakim has been Happy since 2012

What makes Hakim happy?

Films (Too many to mention)
TV shows (Game of Thrones, Lost, 24)
Playstation 4

I also enjoy digital painting in my spare time and watching Blackburn Rovers play every weekend!