Karen Lambert

A Chief Happy

Loving what you do is one thing. Being the beating heart of your company? That’s something more. Happy Creative is Karen and Karen is Happy Creative. She’s the driving force of every client relationship and every strategic plan. And when it’s time to take the notes, research and analysis and turn them into powerful campaigns, she’s at the heart of those too.

Karen has 3 decades worth of experience in local, national and international marketing. She has created successful marketing strategies and managed activities for companies of all sizes including Alliance & Leicester, Whitworths Sugar and The Co-operative Bank.

A Member of the Year at the Academy for Chief Executives, her business talents are just as impressive as her marketing knowledge.  And because she has years of experience in client-side businesses as well as agencies, she knows that finding an agency you can trust and get along with is worth its weight in gold. Which is why she created one.

Karen has been Happy since 2005

What makes Karen happy?

Karen loves the great outdoors and having made a good start completing 130 miles, hopes one day to finish the journey round the 630 mile South West Coastal Path. Chocolate! A Win for the Clarets and Success makes Karen sublimely happy too!