Louise Clarke

A Happy Office Manager

Every office needs an organiser, someone who can keep the rest of the team in check, make sure every project is being done and that everyone has the tools they need to match their talent. With bags of experience (and even more enthusiasm) Louise ticks the boxes, sorts the spreadsheets and initiates those all-important invoices to make sure the good ship Happy continues its course to spread happiness to its many clients.

But Louise is so much more than an Office Manager, amongst her many talents she has 20 years’ experience in the print industry, can put pen to paper as an illustrator, is a dab hand as a designer and can sort your computer out once it goes on the blink. A true multi-tasker!

Louise has been Happy since 2016

What makes Louise happy?

Watching my three girls at horse riding, gymnastics, netball… you name it, they do it!

Going to see live bands and watching my rockstar-in-waiting husband’s band. I also sing (though I’m not the greatest) and I love to draw and paint, when I get a moment, which isn’t very often!

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