Why you should be animating your content

In case you didn’t know (or have been living under a rock), video content is a big deal.

From 30 second quick-tips to huge, corporate videos with Hollywood budgets to match, video is everywhere.

Video is taking – and in some cases, has taken – the crown of content and we all should be bending the knee to it.

There is no escape!

These past few months Happy has seen a rise in animation-based projects.

From clients wanting to launch their latest products to businesses that want to show their daily process, everyone has a unique story they want to tell and we are happy to help.

When it comes to animating the whole process is completely different in comparison to a print.

There are many things to take into consideration and the smallest detail and finishing touches can really make a difference in the overall quality of the final animation.

Here are six advantages of investing in an animation and how it might be the best thing that could happen to your business.


This is a topic that’s been debated for quite some time now. Probably since the first design agency decided to add websites and animations as part of their services. It’s quite an unfortunate truth that print-based media is slowly dying whilst digital media is slowly overtaking it. As exhilarating as it is to be able to hold a menu printed in SPOT UV or to unfold an intricately folded leaflet, the rise of tablets has taken some of the shine away from this. A word always thrown around by clients is ‘original’. They want something new that isn’t the same as what every business in their field is creating. Whilst originality, quite ironically, has become a very common term these past few years you can understand where the client is coming from. Although on the rise, animations are still quite rare. Not many businesses can claim to have one. And this is what will set you apart.


Another unfortunate truth when it comes to the consumer’s attention span is the battle between reading information and watching it. Many literature addicts will tell you that the original book was much better than the film adaptation. However, the world we live in has a higher demand for moving images rather than written text. This kind of mentality can be applied to an animation. If for example, you are trying to show your company’s history through an animated story you’ll receive more views than you would with a written document sent through the post.


The internet and various other forms of media have made life much easier when it comes to distributing your message to the world. Animation is no different. From online adverts on YouTube or to television adverts in between shows.

The various ways you can advertise your message is growing. Some formats (like the YouTube adverts) don’t even give you the option to skip videos that guarantees that you watch the entire clip. Something you would find difficult convincing people to do with print based media.


One of the main things to take into consideration is the duration. How long can you keep your audience captive before they start staring at the corners around the screen rather than at the screen itself? A good animation is quick and straight to the point. Unless the subject in question is about the fine details, don’t bore them with the extra information they don’t need to know (leave that for later when they contact you)


One of the subtle things you can include with an animation is music. It is a very underrated feature that completely changes the kind of mood you want to convey in a message. No two animations will feel the same with contrasting music. This puts you at a bigger advantage, as it is you who is directing the tone of the video. Reading text in your mind requires you to make that choice yourself but with music you are in charge.


The internet was mentioned previously as being one of the many formats you could upload an animation to. The power of YouTube and Twitter is something that shouldn’t be underestimated. Video content now accounts for almost half the content being uploaded to social channels.

Many videos have gone viral and the popularity is something can keeps increasing the more it is advertised. Tweets, Re-tweets, Status Updates and Pinterest pins are just one of the few ways to gain popularity and keep traffic flowing to your website.

Hakim Shujaee is a Creative Thinker and Designer at Happy Creative, a full service marketing and creative agency based in Blackpool, Lancashire.


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