Happy John

May 5, 2017

A Happy guide to… social media images

Along with the majority of the technology we have at our finger tips, social media […]
January 20, 2017

It’s essential to be intentional!

Over the past month I’ve been hearing, reading and thinking a lot about being intentional. […]
October 19, 2016

Thoughts from Thinking Digital…

Thanks to a competition by the lovely folks over at Digital Lancashire, I scored myself […]
July 15, 2016

Pokemon being put in its place!

Pokemon Go seems to be all I’m hearing at the minute, so I gave in […]
April 1, 2016

Getting Snappy with it!

First came disappearing images, next came video, direct messaging and stories, filters, stamps and vomiting […]
January 22, 2016

Take a peek through the Happy Periscope

It’s been almost a year since social media giants Twitter acquired a live streaming app […]
September 25, 2015

“…but this is the way we’ve always done things”

We all like a binge on Friends every so often, it’s shaped the way many […]
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