Five reasons your business needs PR

“There’s no such thing as bad PR”, so the age-old saying goes.

Although this is not strictly true, public relations have never been more relevant when the subject of “fake news” and reputation are so high on the agenda.

Businesses build success on their reputation, it goes hand-in-hand. If you are known for producing top-class work then word spreads – which, in part is where PR comes in – and more people will want to work with you.

PR is more than a carefully researched press release with professional images – although these are important. It’s about strategy, thought-leadership, reputation management, understanding your audience and having a clear plan. PR plays an all-encompassing role in your business’ marketing output.

Here are five reasons you need PR:

It generates leads 

Effective PR can support your business by generating new leads. When your company is featured in targeted media, it becomes more visible to customers and prospects. The more opportunities your audience has to see news about your business, the more informed they are.

It tells a story

No matter which business you run, there are stories to tell. People love to hear a PR story – especially when it has a good plot. You can tell your story in many ways and across different platforms. Re-telling your story by re-purposing content is also necessary when it comes to content marketing and filling up that content funnel. Refreshing blogs gives them a new purpose, especially in this ever increasing society where “trending” is a daily occurrence.

It reduces costs

Cost savings can be an added benefit of PR, especially when it is integrated as part of the marketing mix. By using a mix of PR and content between earned, owned and paid media, you can achieve greater impact at a lower cost than strategies built around individual silos.

It helps promote your values

Sending out positive content through your platforms shows your business’ values in a good light and lets people know about your company. A great public relations plan will also help you to target your customers more effectively with relevant content. If they engage with your positivity they are more likely to engage with your business; it’s a form of social proofing. Businesses want proof from their peers and unbiased third parties.

It gains message clarity

A clear public relations strategy produces clarity about a business’ key messages and its brand values. There are of course a number of platforms to distribute key messages, the best PR agencies will help you develop the content that works all of your PR and digital marketing.

There are many reasons why an integrated PR and content marketing strategy makes sense for businesses.  It’s the discipline that knows how to create content, how to navigate a new media world, and how to protect the most precious asset any business has – its reputation.

Nick Hyde is PR & Content Manager at Happy Creative, a full-service marketing and creative agency based in Blackpool, Lancashire.

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