What to say. When to say. Where to say to generate better business results..

Your customers are hungry for content, but not just any content. It needs to be good, interesting and useful content.  The kind of content that grabs their attention and keeps it until they reach the bottom of the page. The kind of content that makes them laugh, or want to be the first in their social group to find and share. The kind of content that gives them an “I did not know that” moment…however brief.

This kind of content doesn’t create itself.  Understanding your market is key, as is the understanding that great content is just one piece of the website performance toolkit (alongside on-page SEO, online PR, link/placement and social media).

Content marketing builds social awareness of your brand. It’s the signal the shows potential customers that you’re credible and trustworthy. It’s how they carry out their due diligence checks, and how you engage with new and existing customers.

Content marketing is about using interesting, informative, original material to drive people to your business. It’s about telling a story about your business, brand or product in an engaging way.

It’s something our customers are already benefiting from, with algorithm changes at Google driving the requirement for quality content and social media dominating the business landscape.

Crucially, content marketing is not just what you say – it’s where you say it. Once you have something to say, knowing where to position it for maximum impact is at the heart of great content marketing. And that’s what creates tangible business results.