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Marketing is crucial to any business, whether you're a growing SME or an established national or international brand. Properly planned and executed marketing activity will build your presence and drive opportunities to your business.

Happy provides marketing and consultancy services to a wide range of sectors and clients in Lancashire, Manchester and across the UK. Some bring us in as a consultant to help guide their marketing, some for fresh thinking on special projects and some to ensure that their marketing budget is invested wisely and effectively. To others, we are their marketing department handling everything from initial strategy through to full implementation.


Marketing Services 

• Full service marketing partner • Marketing strategy • Marketing plans • Brand workshops
• Market research • Brand strategy • Content marketing strategy • Special projects
• Persona development • Product launches • Marketing Reviews • Business launches
• Lead generation • Ideas generation and development

Full service marketing support

Many of our clients find sustained marketing activity a real challenge.
They know it needs to be done, but they’re too busy working in the business to work on the business.

We work with our clients to provide a strategy that will maximise success, creativity that will stand out, and ongoing
marketing activities that will build a brand. Our full service marketing support engages with audiences and creates
new business opportunities. All tailored specifically to the needs of the organisation.

If your marketing would benefit from greater consistency, focus and direction,
our marketing specialists will show you how, click below, request a callback, or call 01253 446933.

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Properly planned marketing activity will build your presence
and drive opportunities to your business


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Driving opportunities to your business


Full service marketing

All the marketing and design skills you need for your business in one place (and without the overhead).

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Content marketing

Creating a strong online presence that will help drive opportunities to your business.

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