Bespoke marketing support

To help your business fly


You’re a business owner and know exactly how to run your business. What you need now is some marketing know how to help your business fly. You’ll be happy if you could entrust your marketing to a team of experts and get on with what you do best.

For decades, that’s what Happy’s marketing experts have done, and it starts with us getting to know your organisation (almost) as well as you know it yourself. Because it’s only when you really understand a business’ objectives that you can provide the right marketing support, the right strategies and the right solutions.

First, we define the goals (are you looking to acquire new customers, keep the ones you have or activate the lapsed ones?), the marketing strategy, plan and budget. Then we create the campaigns, content or PR exposure to deliver it.

You’ll always know where you stand, and you’ll always stay in control of your marketing. It’ll just take a lot less effort on your part.

Marketing support you really can rely on, every step of the way.

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Work with branding specialists who have built brands for some of the biggest names in the country


Marketing Support. How you benefit:

  • Free up your time so that you can spend time running your business
  • Benefit from a dedicated marketing effort
  • Hands-on marketing experts with decades of experience to help your business grow
  • Receive a marketing plan of regular actions
  • Access to a team of specialists
  • Attract more customers
  • Retain and grow existing customers
  • Reignite lapsed customers

Our Account Manager John is happy to help

John has a mind for strategy and an eye for the big digital picture. For over a decade he worked on the client side of marketing, and that’s given him an uncanny knack for knowing how to turn that big picture thinking into practical, relevant strategies that make a real difference on the ground. In a past marketing role John occasionally swam with sharks, which is perhaps where his 360° marketing vision comes from.

Meet John and The Happies

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