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So you think you know your market, eh? Ok. Say you have an insight of what your target audience’s wants and needs are. And then you plan your entire marketing activities based on this “guesstimate”. Uh-Oh… alarming bells ring.

You may have a lot of data coming from different sources, but that means absolutely nothing if you don’t look at it properly and analyse it thoroughly. You may have no data at all, which shows it’s more than about time to start asking your customers what they think of you and of what you offer.

By properly researching your market, you get one step ahead, giving you an advantage against your competitors. And what most people forget is this: market research is not an activity conducted only once. It is an ongoing study. You need to be constantly asking, so you can be constantly improving.

The power of information is outstanding when it comes to market research. The information you find can guide your most important strategic business decisions and usually, if done properly, the findings and conclusions you reach have a value that greatly exceeds the cost of the research itself.

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Market research is an invaluable tool and a clever investment. If you had the choice of speaking to a good sample of your customers or be left in the dark only with your assumptions, what would you choose?


Need even more convincing? Here are our top 10 benefits of doing it.

Market research…

  • … guides your communication with current/potential customers and staff
  • … helps you identify opportunities in the marketplace
  • … helps you minimize risks
  • … measures your reputation
  • … uncovers and identifies potential problems
  • … helps you strategise
  • … helps you establish trends
  • … indicates your market positioning
  • … determine your most compelling ‘USP’
  • … indicates your market positioning
  • … can settle arguments
Marilia- A Happy Account Manager and market research specialist

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Marilia holds a marketing degree and worked in advertising for a marketing agency in her homeland of Brazil before joining Happy. Her real passion is market research. Her practical, tenacious approach has helped clients in the manufacturing, leisure, tourism and construction industries – and big brands including Cambridge University Press – find the answers that help them engage.

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