Before you can market, first you have to understand. That’s why, before we devise the campaigns that launch your product, increase market penetration or raise customer spend, we address the why, what, where and how.

We do that by applying the intelligent thinking of Happy’s experts. They’re people with marketing in their blood. They’ve worked with national and international brands. And now they’ll help you connect with your customers by understanding their behaviour.

Marketing magic required?

Your promise needs to be authentic.

Turn browsers into effective buyers.

Marketing help for business owners.

“I have found the consultative nature and desire to understand the brand marketplace refreshing, balanced with the energetic approach that Happy have about something that could be deemed as mundane as a new logo. Their excitement feeds through the whole engagement from conceptual ideas, taking on constructive comment re these ideas and then delivering a final version that matches aspiration. This then feeds down through all the supporting literature, stationery and general marketing items that are needed to support the brand with no quarter given in regards to feedback and detail”