• April 10, 2015

    Why Content Marketing?

    Content, content, content…everyone keeps talking about content, why? Your customers have become hungry, very hungry for content […]

  • April 10, 2015

    10 years. 10 game changers.

    Digital landscape? We remember when all this was fields… 2015 marks Happy’s 10th birthday. It’s been one heck of a decade, with technology transforming the way we work and the mother of all economic hangovers forcing marketing agencies – and the people in charge of company purse strings – to work very differently. Happy’s Simon Brooke takes a sepia tinted trip back to a world when a responsive website was one that loaded in less than a minute, to explore the 10 changes that have made the biggest difference to our, and probably your, marketing world. The rise of social […]

  • June 12, 2015

    Strategic Sports Lessons for Marketers

    Dusty tennis racquets are being dusted off, boot camps are suddenly on every slip of grass and pavements full of sweaty bodies speeding (or not) towards home. As the sun finally breaks through the grey eider down of cloud that forever seems to cover the UK our exercise levels seem to rise (or at least be more visible). […]

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