Our Happy Values

be positive

Feel good about what you do, and make others feel good too. Treat every day as if it’s a great big box of Lego: playful, joyous, full of possibilities, and much more rewarding when you build things together.

be experts

Be the Prof. Brian Cox of creativity. Make the complex simple. And win hearts and minds by creating work you, the client, and the client’s customers believe in.


be refreshing

Be the ice cold plunge or the lemoniest of lemonades. Take risks. Dare to do it differently. Because nothing says “I love it” like wide eyes, collective gasps, appreciative nodding and a collective “Ooh!”

be irrepressible

We’re constantly in pursuit of it. It’s how we get results with a smile on our face. It’s what makes us who we are. As Ken Dodd observed: Happiness. It’s the greatest gift that we possess.

be inspirational

Make Happiness infectious. Brighten someone’s day. Your time, energy and insight are priceless; give them freely. And be part of a team so in tune that you finish each others’ sentences and sandwiches.

be happy

Do something today that makes the client smile. Do more than just giving your customers a reason to come back – give them a reason to tell everyone they know to do likewise.

Happy in the community.

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