How we work

It works like this…

This is what happens when you bring your project to Happy.

  • Start happy; end happy: How can we deliver exactly what you need if we don’t understand what you do, and what makes you (and your customers) happy? When we say we get under the skin of your business, it’s not fluff. It’s how we ensure every project delivers.
  • Face to face meetings: You can do a lot in a phone call. You can do so much more when you’re face to face, pinging ideas back and forth over a cuppa and a biscuit (or two).
  • Shhh…: We shut up and listen. How else can we understand what you need?
  • No assumptions: We don’t guess, we ask. Because it’s the simplest way of getting it right.
  • Expertise: Once we know exactly what you need, we assemble the expert team to deliver it. You’ll be meeting some (or possibly all) of these Happy people.
  • Realistic. Result: Work with us and we’ll work fast, we’ll keep communicating, and we’ll ensure that there’s purpose behind every creative lightbulb moment. It’s how we create work like this.

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