How to raise awareness of your business

And tell more people about the great things you do


You do lots of great stuff, have a fantastic reputation but not enough people know it. You want more people to know you, what you do and the difference you’re making. You’ll be happy if people are talking about you in all the right ways.

It’s one thing to raise awareness about your brand. It’s quite another to make people care about it. We all know the brands whose mere logos are enough to trigger an emotional response in us. So how do you make customers feel something about your brand?

We do it by making your brand ‘sticky’, because sticky brands leave a lasting impression. They get their hooks in you (in a good way) and don’t let go. They raise awareness – and they keep it raised.

We help build your brand by creating a distinctive look that reflects who you are. We do it by marrying your visual style with your messaging. And we do it by carrying that design identity across everything you do – from your print ads and website to your social media.

parallax background

We help build your brand by creating a distinctive look that reflects who you are

Raising Awareness. How you benefit:

  • Your company stands out amongst the competition
  • Original thinking delivers original concepts that are unique to you
  • Your design has ‘legs’, raising awareness and reinforcing your brand across multiple channels
  • Work with an expert team who’ve helped build some of the most recognisable brands in the country
  • Choose how much help you need from us – ask us for concept ideas and do the rest yourself. Or let us build your brand from concept to full realisation across a mix of media including digital, video, animation and more.