A Happy love letter to Blackpool

As it’s our birthday week we thought we’d celebrate the place Happy calls its home – Blackpool.

We are a cosmopolitan bunch at Happy hailing from Brazil, India, Hungary, Poland and…Burnley!

So, without further ado, here’s why we think Blackpool is awesome:

The attractions – You can’t walk five minutes anywhere in Blackpool without seeing or experiencing one of its amazing, family-friendly attractions. From the iconic Tower with its historic ballroom and 4D cinematic view of the resort to the thrills of the Pleasure Beach, the three piers, a stunning zoo, the splishes and splashes of the Sandcastle and so much more, Blackpool does really have it all.

h Promenade – Miles and miles of modern and iconic architecture on view and a walk down memory lane for the millions of people who take a stroll down one of the most famous walkways in the world.

The Illuminations – Six miles of stunning lights, contemporary displays, illuminated trams and the brand new Lightpool Festival in October all adds up to the best lights on the planet. They shine from now until November so go and see!

Retail revolution – The big brands of Houndshill to the uniqueness of Lefton’s, Blackpool is awash with a great shopping experience for everyone!

The community – Blackpool has its characters, like all seaside towns, but it also has one of the most caring communities in the UK. Blackpool Fairness aims to make the resort the UK’s first capital of kindness, Blackpool Unlimited supports start-ups and growing businesses and Happy’s charity partner, Streetlife, helps homeless and dis-placed young people get back on their feet.

Coastal walks – Just a short walk from Blackpool is miles more of the UK coastline, Fleetwood to the north and Lytham and St Annes to the south, perfect to promote well-being and mindfulness, things Happy loves.

Fish and chips – because who doesn’t like fish and chips?

Entertainment – With venues like the Winter Gardens offering West End quality shows such as Cabaret and Shrek the Musical, as well as international artists like The Script, there’s no need to travel that far to see some of the biggest stars treading the boards at one of the best stages in the UK.

Rock – in all flavours, all shapes and sizes, Blackpool Rock is a delicacy which has to be tried.

Re-inventing itself – With an ever-changing environment Blackpool is always looking at innovative ways of re-invention. A creative culture in the town is constantly thinking of ways to add new features. This summer’s Livewire Festival brought a touch of Hollywood to the Prom with Will Smith providing great PR for the resort. Must be the sea air and speaking of which…

The sea – Sometimes it’s wild, other times it’s like a millpond but it always fascinates. And did we mention the sunsets? Wow!

Happy Creative – well, of course, Blackpool is home to the Happies and we pride ourselves on being the happiest agency around, filled with the happiest people we know!

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What would make you happy today?