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Happy Creative is an agency that creates bespoke brands and delightful design work

It’s relatively easy to be creative when your business deals with big, glitzy, exciting things. Where we earn our crust is in bringing brands to life that aren’t so obviously and immediately eye-popping. Happy finds the special in every organisation, whether you sell glamour and excitement, or widgets and services. When you can find the ‘hook’ that engages an audience in sewage pumps and pharmaceuticals testing, you can pretty much find it anywhere.

We help get your brand noticed and its voice heard, by creating a visual style that stands out, and with joined-up ads, direct mail, website, digital, PR and more that build a consistent picture of who you are, what you do and (crucially) the difference you make.

And yes, we create logos too.

Our designers and branding specialists have built brands for some of the biggest names in the country. We’d love to do the same for you.

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We design communications that help build a consistent brand and convert more leads to sales.


Brand Building. How you benefit:

  • Your company stands out amongst the competition
  • Original thinking delivers original concepts that are unique to you
  • Your design has ‘legs’, raising awareness and reinforcing your brand across multiple channels
  • Work with an expert team who’ve helped build some of the most recognisable brands in the country
  • Choose how much help you need from us – ask us for concept ideas and do the rest yourself. Or let us build your brand from concept to full realisation across a mix of media including digital, video, animation and more