Everyone has a story to tell…

Today is World Story-telling Day, a chance for people to share stories, experiences and tales.

So gather round, grab a brew (and possibly a biscuit) as we tell you about the importance of telling your story.

There’s an audience for every story, whether they be long or short ones. Soundbites, case studies or the news in briefs you find in every paper across the land.

Audiences anticipate stories, every day they wake and wait for what is happening in the world. But it’s up to the individual who has the story to tell it, make it interesting, fun, exciting and engaging.

Stories sell. And we aren’t talking about the sleaze-ridden, celebrity lifestyle column fillers we see everywhere (although there is undoubtedly an audience for them).

We are talking about the good news, the little bits of info you might not think people would be interested. Or maybe you just don’t know how to identify your audience.

Our content creator at Happy has been writing stories and curating content for almost 20 years. All of them real, all factual and all of interest to someone, some body, some organisation and, more importantly, some audience.

Humans have been telling and listening to stories for thousands of years. They are used to inform, warn, entertain or calm us. As a race we are conditioned to consume stories.

And since the invention of the internet and, more recently, the advent of content marketing, the appetite for stories has become ever more relevant.

So, what happens when you tell your story?

It generates interest in your business

Telling your story will give people an insight into your industry, your workers and your achievements. Sniffing out a news-worthy article could be the spark your business needs to get known.

It can take you on a journey

Your story might have a specific audience you want to reach, but you might not know what the audience is. Keep it local? Wanting to spread your net further? Stories like sponsoring a local sports team are best kept in your local community whereas multi-million pound profits are best to tell the world (or at least your native country)

People will listen

As previously mentioned, there’s an audience for every story but you need to ask yourself some questions before you put pen to paper. Is it newsworthy beyond your four walls? There’s always a “so what?” element to every story. Make the story interesting and people will listen to what you have to say.

You can generate great content

Brainstorm your ideas. Taking time to talk to your staff, your peers and even your customers can mean further ideas are thrown around and you can create more authentic and meaningful content. The appetite for good content is greater than ever. Content that inspires and interests will help your story shine.

Who knows where it could take you?

Telling your story could be one of the greatest things you do for your business, it can lead to further business being generated, expansion into new areas.

So what happens if you don’t tell your story?

The end.

Nick Hyde is PR & Content Manager and creative thinker at Happy Creative, a full-service marketing and creative agency based in Blackpool, Lancashire. To learn more or contact us please go to www.happy-creative.co.uk. Got a story to tell? Get in touch with Happy.

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