Five and a half things we learned about The Apprentice…

*SPOILER ALERT* – This seems to be a phrase everyone is using at the moment – but if you haven’t watched the final you’re about to find out the winner!

IT seems Joseph Valente’s Christmas present is sorted, he’s going to be able to purchase a load of new vans for expanding his plumbing business with the £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar.

And you have to add it was pretty well-deserved too following a nail-biting finale to The Apprentice after Vana ran him close with her dating app plan. Last I heard she was sat outside the boardroom collecting from potential investors as quarter of a million wasn’t quite enough. Never mind.

So, what have we learnt from the eleventh series? Was it the toughest? Were the tasks up to the standard and did Lord Sugar’s newest acquisition cut the mustard? Here’s five-and-a-half things we’ve divulged

1. Tradition always beats technology

Technology has been my best friend for over 50 years… but maybe it’s time to make new friends,” spoke Lord Sugar before he waggled his finger in the direction of a beaming Joseph and he scampered off gleefully to Alan’s Rolls Royce. Lord Sugar clearly saw a bit of himself in the 25-year-old who, by his own admission, was a bit of a rough diamond but will be a real gem under the tutelage of the main man. For all Vana’s efforts, her dating app is sure to be a success in an already crowded marketplace and this will be largely down to her know-how of the industry.

2. Business Plans need to be unique

Tricky Dickie came a cropper in the interviews when his business plan wasn’t as unique as he thought. His arrogance became the sword he fell upon as he was torn apart by Lord Sugar’s most trusted allies and he was forced to admit defeat. Probably the hardest thing he’s ever done seeing as he always thought he was right.

3. Quit while you’re ahead

In an Apprentice first, Scott Saunders was the first candidate to exit the process without being fired. While Lord Sugar joked that Scott was doing his job for him, the account manager was right to quit when he did. In earlier rounds he had shown obvious talent but when faced with flogging high-price flats he was well out of his depth. He left with his head held high so every credit to him.

4. Never miss a deadline

Marketing material is a necessity if a business is to grow but Elle seemed to dismiss this and her team of merry men on the odd job task were left to post hand-written notes through prospects’ doors in a bid to drum up trade. Epic fail and she left before she had chance to get comfy in the boardroom.

5. Advisers are always watching you


Karren really stepped up to the mark this series with cutting remarks and great facial expressions to rival her predecessor, the mighty Margaret. As a newbie, Claude took a few episodes to fit in but once he did the candidates were in for a tough time. His space in the interviews though is one in which he truly shines.

5-and-a-half. Joseph’s moustache 


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