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It’s time to delve into the marketing news for the past seven days with Happy’s bite-size chunks!

The most popular ads on YouTube last month included an educational music video from Shell and Anthony Joshua showing off his boxing skills on one of Dubai’s most exclusive skyscrapers.
Marketers have a very important part to play in shaping the future of work. Whether it is exploring new ways of working, embracing greater flexibility or abandoning burnout culture, marketers are leading the charge for change. Results gathered from the Marketing Week Career and Salary Survey 2018, a study of 4,154 marketers across 24 different industries, highlights the importance marketers place on flexible working in their quest to achieve a better work/life balance.
Digital media channels will continue to power ad spend growth, growing globally by 12.6% in 2018, compared to 15% in 2017, to reach $220.3bn, based on data from 59 markets. Mobile is predicted to reach $121.1bn having leapfrogged desktop as a share of total digital spend in 2017. While desktop will continue to lose global share (-1.5% since 2016), compared to mobile’s gain (8.2% since 2016). Digital has overtaken TV, with its ad spend to account for 38.3% share of total ad spend, compared to TV (35.5%).
A new “text bomb” affecting Apple’s iPhone and Mac computers has been discovered. Abraham Masri, a software developer, tweeted about the flaw which typically causes an iPhone to crash and in some cases restart. Simply sending a message containing a link which pointed to Mr Masri’s code on programming site GitHub would be enough to activate the bug – even if the recipient did not click the link itself. Mr Masri said he “always reports bugs” before releasing them. Apple has not yet commented on the issue. On a Mac, the bug reportedly makes the Safari browser crash, and causes other slowdowns.
YouTube is introducing tougher requirements for video publishers who want to make money from its platform. In addition, it has said staff will manually review all clips before they are added to a premium service that pairs big brand advertisers with popular content. The moves follow a series of advertiser boycotts and a controversial vlog that featured an apparent suicide victim.
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