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News coverage about inaccurate, questionable and false digital media reporting measures have caused 21% of marketers to reduce advertising spend. More than 70% of brand leaders admit negative news headlines have had an impact on budgets. Another 95% of marketing leaders surveyed believe digital media must deliver more reliability. Marketers are also calling “viewability” standards into question as only 3% of respondents agree on the definition advocated by the Media Rating Council. This negative outlook of the digital media landscape comes as marketers intend to significantly boost investments in online video advertising—a channel that 28% of respondents believe is more important than other media investments and 40% say is growing of importance. In fact, 95% of marketers intend to increase investments in 2018, with nearly half increasing spend by up to 25%.

Source Marketing Week
It was recently announced that two of Britain’s top 5 supermarkets, Asda and Sainsbury’s, are merging. WAITING in a studio for a TV interview on April 30th, Mike Coupe, the boss of Sainsbury’s supermarket, was caught on camera quietly singing “We’re in the money” to himself. Having just announced the biggest deal in the grocery business for over a decade, it is easy to see why the tune might have come to mind. Nonetheless, he had to apologise quickly, for fear of appearing rather smug—and for getting ahead of himself. Sainsbury’s proposed merger with Asda might boost the two supermarkets, but the competition authorities could well rule against it. The proposed deal is another example of the unwelcome and increasing concentration of capitalism in Britain.

Source The Economist
Nestle has announced that it will pay Starbucks $7.1bn (£5.2bn) to sell the company's coffee products. The Swiss giant, which boasts Nescafe and Nespresso amongst its brands, will have the right to market Starbucks' coffee in retail outlets outside the cafe chain. That part of the business currently generates $2bn in annual sales. The deal means Nespresso machine owners will be able to buy Starbucks coffee branded pods for use at home. Consumers will also find Starbucks coffee beans, ground and instant coffee more readily available as Nestle, the world's largest food and drinks company, uses its vast distribution network to market Starbucks products worldwide.

Source BBC news
Amnesty International UK has launched a living installation highlighting the significance of spending time with your family, as it calls on MPs to attend a parliamentary debate and vote to reunite refugee families via the Refugee Family Reunion Bill. Based in London, the glass box includes a table, TV and sofa inside. It will host a number of families for an hour at a time over the course of the weekend (9-11 March) in the hope of raising awareness of the issue. Created by VCCP, the creative also includes a video being played in 2000 taxis across London and a number of videos and images being shared across Amnesty International UK’s social channels.

Source The Drum
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