How SMART are you?


We are all working hard, but are we working SMART?


s a marketer you feel like you say this abbreviation more than necessary in an ordinary work week.

No, we are not questioning how SMART you look (even though, we are sure you are the dapper sort, aren’t you) but we want to know;

Do you work SMART?

Are your KPI’s SMART?

Do you follow the SMART method throughout your business?

SMART stands for…






"There are certain teachings that you will always find in a marketer’s arsenal, and SMART is one of them"


It was during the decade of shell suits and Vienetta, that SMART made its first official appearance and since then it has become a marketing gem go-to. Marketing changes on a daily basis with advancing technology/ overused hashtags/ print is dead threats/ Facebook algorithms, but there are certain teachings that you will always find in a marketer’s arsenal, and SMART is one of them.

Here is a simple example from a client we recently worked with. They came to us asking for “more Facebook followers”. Here at Happy, we SMART-ed that up and turned it into “We want a 10% increase in Facebook followers by 25 May 2018”.

Top tip

Whatever goal you have, check it has some numbers in it! Ideally a % and a date. This is the easiest indicator to know you’re on your way to being SMART. No numbers, no SMART.



"No numbers. No SMART."


As marketers we love to measure! In layman’s terms it is how we know if something has worked or not. However, it also keeps us focused, within scope, to time and to budget. It is a simple technique but can be tricky to apply if you don’t fully understand what is achievable with different channels/ mediums/ tactics.

Let’s face it, whether you run your own business or work for a company where you represent the marketing department – there is enough for you to do without having to check which hashtag is trending on Twitter each day (for your information, it is #fridayfeeling today!).

Want to chat about how you can be more SMART in your business? Want to be able to focus on the core of what you do and let someone else work on the SMART supported creative side? Then get in touch with one of The Happies and we promise to help you get your business looking as dapper as you are.

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