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If change is a constant in your business, make sure your website keeps pace.

When your business launches a new strategic direction it’s vital that every part of the organisation is part of the change. For Mobile Mini, a leading provider of portable accommodation and secure storage solutions, growth is the goal, achieved by building on established markets like construction, and exploring new opportunities in industries such as retail.

Chris Morgan, Managing Director, has overseen growth of 10% during 2014, and Happy has been helping Mobile Mini continue that strong performance. “Our global objective as a company is to deliver a world class service and lead the field in portable accommodation and storage solutions,” says Chris. “As part of this, we’re continuing to invest”.

Corporate consistency

Part of that investment is in ensuring the growing, modern fleet of accommodation and containers is supported by a modern website with functionality that matches the new corporate vision and supports the day to day business.

Mobile Mini’s customers can view the complete range of products to hire. A new careers section makes it easier to find and apply for the numerous opportunities Mobile Mini’s growth is generating. And an interactive map makes finding your nearest centre simple.

According to marketing manager Zoe Brookes, “Mobile Mini’s 2015 strategy is to grow the business with a focus on storage containers as well as increase brand awareness. The launch of a new website plays an important role in meeting these objectives.

Our brand new website has addressed all of the issues we experienced with our previous website; it is designed according our brand guidelines, the customer journey has been enhanced, the navigation improved, it is mobile friendly and we can keep it fresh and up to date with our easy to use content management system.”

Head over to their website and check it out.

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