Why outsource your marketing?


We've been helping businesses with their marketing and design since 2005. There are varied reasons why companies outsource. Here's what we've found to be the most popular four.


Outsourced marketing provides a cost-effective option to directly employing a marketing manager and / or assistant which could cost upwards of £45,000 per year. Plus the associated add-on costs such as holidays, training, taxes. It's flexible too so when you need more web developer than you need PR specialist then that's readily available meaning resources are fully optimised. Typically outsourcing costs much less with added discounts for an ongoing commitment too.


Outsourced marketing suits a certain type of business. In our experience that's a company that wants to grow. Whether that's their sales revenue, their profitability or their awareness. We are inspired by working with companies who actively want to grow and make a difference, push boundaries and do something differently. We are commercial beings interested in results, ROI and numbers. Acting as a mini marketing board we advise on activities that make best use of a valuable budget. With extensive knowledge across different tactics, platforms and channels we'll work together to take decisions that support your company's growth aspirations.


Imagine being able to call upon a team of marketing experts, graphic designers, web developers, social media and PR specialists. It's like having a highly talented, highly experienced marketing department at your fingertips. All working alongside you at the fraction of the cost of employing all this talent directly.

You'll have someone who knows how to build your brand in a consistent style, understands which type of content to share, can make sense of Google Analytics and liaise with journalists or update the website with the latest news.


Time is precious. Business owners and directors are aware that marketing is important, and in many instances can (and) do elements of it themselves. However, it can be a little ad-hoc and inconsistent because the demands of the business come first. Keeping marketing on track, reviewing the stats, making implementable recommendations and supporting the business via marketing is our responsibility. All this is handled by an experienced team so that you can concentrate on running your business and use your time in the most efficient way.

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Each of our client’s outsourced marketing is individually tailored their business. We can help you achieve the results you want. We will be able to advise you which activities best suit your business’ needs including:

+ Marketing Advice

+ Design   

+ PR   

+ Website Management  

+ Social Media Management  

+ Content Creation   

+ Email Marketing Management

To find out more about how outsourcing your marketing can benefit your business, have a chat with one of our marketing experts. Happy’s experienced marketing professionals will help you find the most cost effective way to promote your business and achieve your goals.



Supporting you with marketing expertise for strategy, planning, branding, and general marketing advice. We’ll help you implement customer acquisition, customer retention and customer growth plans. We’ll also help with raising awareness, which channels to use and what’s the best route to market. We’ll create a clear, implementable plan with key objectives, and importantly ROI.

Whether you require brochures, advertisements, newsletters, pop up banners, leaflets, social media graphics, product logos, branding, website designs, direct mail, email designs and a whole host of other collateral, our team of creatives and designers will help create a consistent design style for your business.

“Help more people know about the great stuff we’re doing” is a common requirement from businesses. It’s only natural that business owners get involved with what they know best … running their business … and keep all the great work they are doing under wraps. Having a marketing partner who knows how to “sniff out” stories, write those stories and sell them into the media is helping the many great stories within our clients’ businesses be told. And if those stories need to be told with a PR stunt and a big idea that can cascade lots of materials, we’ll do that for you too.

You’ve heard everyone talking about “content, content, content” and why it’s important in today’s digital world. You realise that’s something required in your marketing arsenal but you’re not really sure how, or what, to implement. We’ll help you with blogs, with white papers, with animation, with graphics, with gifs, and with video content. We’ll produce the content and share the content so that more people know about you and your brand.

LinkedIn. Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. You recognise the importance of social media but it slips down the list and gets done infrequently or never. Happy will work with you to create a social media plan and manage your social media with a conversational calendar and scheduled posts to ensure you have a regular social media presence.

You’re aware of the need to keep your website up to date for a better performance with the search engines. We’ll manage your website adding new products / services, news about your company and general content. We’ll review the performance of your website including analysing reports and implementing actions as a result. Similarly we’ll keep the technical aspect of your website up to date to keep it safe and secure from hacking, and to ensure that your visitors are getting the best experience.

We’ll help keep your customers and prospects informed whether that’s with the latest company news, new products or services or an award win. We’ll create a plan, write and design the emails and send through email software such as Mailchimp. We’ll monitor the effectiveness of each campaign reviewing opens and clicks to ensure this channel is working for you.

You will have your own dedicated Marketing / Account Manager. You will work together to achieve your objectives. Your Account Manager’s primary role is to ensure that you are happy, and this translates to results. Results will be measured, ideas generated, plans produced, timescales adhered to.



Call 01253 446933 or email 

Our company culture is really important to us. If you get the culture right, most of the other stuff, like delivering amazing creativity & service to global brands, will happen naturally. That’s how we build long-term enduring brands for our clients.

Karen Lambert
Chief Happy


Call 01253 446933 or email 

Our company culture is really important to us. If you get the culture right, most of the other stuff, like delivering amazing creativity & service to global brands, will happen naturally. That’s how we build long-term enduring brands for our clients.

Karen Lambert
Chief Happy

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Paid Social Campaigns

Paid social media can be a brilliantly effective yet low cost form of lead generation, and it’s a great way to extend your reach, drive website traffic and generate likes and shares.

We’ll take care of setting up and managing your paid social media accounts, ensuring your spend is carefully targeted. Then we’ll provide clear, transparent reporting so you can keep refining the strategy to make your ad spend even more effective.

More about Paid Social Campaigns

Social Media

All the tweets and posts in the world won’t help generate leads unless there’s some strategic thinking behind what you’re doing.

We’ll help define the right social media strategy for you, so that you’re on the right platforms, saying the right things to the right people at the right time to generate the right leads.

More about Social Media

Design & Brand Building

Marketing is bit like those huge, swirling flocks of starlings you see from time to time. Individually your brochure, email, ad, meme or gif may not change the world.

But when you join them together and ensure they’re all heading in the same direction, you have the power to stop people in their tracks.

We design communications that help build a consistent brand and convert more leads to sales.

More about Design & Brand Building


Your website can generate leads in so many ways. Informed content. Strong calls to action. A simple, natural journey from ‘Hi there!’ to ‘Buy now’.

Yet websites are never ‘done’. They need to keep evolving to keep pace with your customers’ expectations, so we’ll be with you for the long haul to keep tweaking, refining and growing your site – and to deliver the PPC campaigns that help drive traffic towards it.

Because when your website keeps working to understand and speak to your audience, you’ve got more chance of converting.

More about Websites

PR & Content

There’s a knack to ensuring your business is seen in the right places at the right time. We’ll build your PR profile across the mix of channels that’s right for you (from press to social media to events) and use our contacts to spread the word.

So when your customers are ready to buy, it’ll be your brand they think of first.

More about PR & Content

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