Persona Workshop

The purpose of personas is to create reliable and realistic representations of key audience segments which are then used across all marketing activities. Having clear personas enables marketing to be more accurate and effective. Companies that wish to be clear on their target audience and how best to connect and engage with them use our Persona Workshop service to support and guide them.


  • You know your target audience well but you don’t use that knowledge in your communications.
  • You don’t have it clear in your head who your target audience is anymore.
  • You have lost track of how your target audience has evolved over time.
  • You ‘throw’ your brand communications out there without regard to how it’s going to be perceived.
  • Your communications are not targeted cleverly to ‘talk’ to the right people.

What's included

    A 30 minute consultation to understand the business and your requirement for a persona

    A 90 minute online workshop facilitated by a marketing professional

    A series of interactive exercises to explore and unpick individual customer segments

    After the session your company will receive a persona document highlighting individual
         persona traits and suggestions for appropriate language and messaging that can be used
         across all marketing


For an initial chat to see how creating personas for your customers will benefit your business, for available dates or to ask any questions, please call 01253 446933 or email