Recycling content…. What a Carry on!

Oooh, matron!

The timeless Carry On films are being brought back to the big screen, more than 60 years since the original brought innuendo to mainstream media and became a national treasure. (Yes it has already been back briefly but it was so bad I’ve forgotten the name of it).


Sadly, most of the cast are now no longer with us but hopefully – if they get it right, and I’m not sure they will – the comedic content will be of a similar vain. And this got me thinking.

As a writer, the majority of my days are spent researching, sourcing and creating new and exciting copy which will get our clients seen in new circles. In much the same way, the return of the Carry On films will introduce a new generation to its charm.

But content is a funny thing, once you have created it, shared it and made it engaging to your audience, you are back to square one. The way the digital age is going, the web is an all-consuming monster of content, it craves it and then goes back for a second, third and fourth helping. It means you must become a content curator, not just a content creator, a newspaper editor not just a writer.

Content creation doesn’t stop and it doesn’t look like it will do any time soon.

So, here’s some tips on getting the most out of your content:

Re-purpose it!

You have copy that you are proud of, and rightly so. It took you ages, it got you loads of traffic and generated tons of engagement. So why not re-visit it? There’s loads of ways to do it; through an infographic, making it into a video, turning it into a white paper or case study or hosting a webinar. It will guarantee your content reaches a wider audience and make it more accessible.

Share it!

There’s no point having your blog post setting up camp on your website, make sure you use your social media platforms and get it out there; Tweet it, Facebook it, get it on your company page on LinkedIn, pin it to your Pinterest board, add to the hundreds of free blogging sites out there. The tools are there, use them.

Add to it!

Content likes to be changed frequently but not just with a few words here and there, make sure you are adding fresh paragraphs, new images (with added content) and make it sound fresher. The Google-bots will love you, and so will your new advocates.

See the bigger picture!

Seeing as you are making your content fresh on a blog post, take a look at the rest of your website and decide what needs changing to make it better. Look at your analytics and see what the most visited posts are and make them better.

Take a history lesson!

Looking at your analytics will show which older posts were successful and share it again. #ThrowbackThursday is now a very popular conversation on social media and adding this will introduce you to a new audience. Learn from history and you will never look back.

Nick Hyde is PR & Content Manager at Happy Creative, a full service marketing and creative agency based in Blackpool, Lancashire. To learn more or contact us please go to

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