Lead Generation

How to get more enquiries


You’re looking for more enquiries. It’s one of the most popular challenges facing the modern day business. You’ll be happy if you generate more inbound calls, more footfall, more likes and shares and more enquiries through your website.


Making you happy

Creativity, Branding & Design


It’s relatively easy to be creative when your business deals with big, glitzy, exciting things. Where we earn our crust is in bringing brands to life that aren’t so obviously and immediately eye-popping. Happy finds the special in every organisation, whether you sell glamour and excitement, or widgets and services. When you can find the ‘hook’ that engages an audience in sewage pumps and pharmaceuticals testing, you can pretty much find it anywhere.

We help get your brand noticed and its voice heard, by creating a visual style that stands out, and with joined-up ads, direct mail, website, digital, PR and more that build a consistent picture of who you are, what you do and (crucially) the difference you make.

And yes, we create logos too.

Our designers and branding specialists have built brands for some of the biggest names in the country. We’d love to do the same for you.


How you benefit:

  • Help your company stand out with creative ideas that get noticed
  • Bespoke ideas created just for your brand
  • Bring your vision to life with experienced time-served designers
  • Have a strong and consistent visual style to reinforce and strengthen your brand at each “touch”
  • Work with branding specialists who have built brands for some of the biggest names in the country
  • Choose how you work with us – use our creative ideas and implement the designs yourself, choose design services or combine with other services – PR, social, content animation, digital to build a powerful ‘joined-up’ brand

Making you happy

Content Creation & Copywriting


You know the thing with great content? You don’t notice it. Because when great copy is at work, you can’t help but find yourself drawn in, digging deeper, clicking more.

Words have never been more important to your marketing. They engage new audiences. They keep customers coming back for the latest information. They can join up all your marketing channels. And words drive web traffic by helping your business climb the Google rankings, so when your customers search for the products or services you offer, they find you.

Unlike many agencies, we work with a variety of specialist writers to ensure you get the right skills for the task: journalists for press releases, blog posts, newsletters and PR based content; copywriters for brochure, website and campaign copy.

If you don’t know what to write or don’t have the time to do it, let’s talk about what your business has to say, and find new, exciting ways to say it.


How you benefit:

  • Get quality, engaging copy to support your marketing activities
  • Receive inspiring content ideas
  • Work with experienced copywriters to ensure the content is exactly as you want it
  • Reap the benefits of a content creation campaign without having to invest the time it takes to research and set up and write yourself
  • Allow experts to advise on how to integrate content across your other channels

Making you happy

Social Media Strategy, Management & Advertising


You know the real issue with social media? It’s all the research, writing, scheduling, posting, reviewing and more. It all takes time you probably don’t have. Happily, we’re here to help you find out what your audience really wants, and deliver it. We’ll help you set a new course, ramp up your activity or simply keep your social media bubbling every day.

Our social media strategists will help you define your strategy, so you’re on the right platforms, doing the right things at the right time. They’ll manage your content and paid advertising, and create your memes and GIFs. And they’ll provide you with simple yet powerful reports that help you grow your audience, build your likes, and follow the trends you need to be a part of.

Most of all, they’ll treat your social media as if it were their own, so you can get on with the day job safe in the knowledge that your social media isn’t just active; it’s helping you engage in all the right ways.


How you benefit:

  • Outsource the day-to-day management of your social channels and save yourself time
  • Have a social strategy produced and implemented for you
  • Have peace of mind that you have a constant social presence and your channels are always active
  • Choose how you wish to work – some of the services or all (from strategy to implementation)
  • Save time researching content for your posts and scheduling activity
  • Have a paid social campaign plan suited to your objectives
  • Receive reports and recommendations so you can analyse the success of organic activity and social media advertising

Making you happy

Website Maintenance


So, you’ve got your brand spanking, shiny new website. Now what? Of course, if you want to be the one adding new products, feeding the blog and doing the technical updates you can – our websites make it simple. Yet it all takes time, and it’s not always easy to find the resource to give your website the attention it continually needs.

So allow us.

Happy’s web maintenance packages ensure that, however you want your site to deliver, it can:

  • Our technical packages keep your site speedy, up to date and secure (so hackers can’t find a way in)
  • Our design and content packages ensure your site visitors always have something new to engage them (articles, blogs, news, galleries, videos and more), so they keep coming back. We’ll add you new products and services too. And when you’ve got a regular stream of new content, Google pays attention, so it’s good news for your SEO rankings as well as your customers.

We’ll maintain any site (it doesn’t have to be one we’ve built), so if you need help ensuring your site delivers more, more often, talk to a Happy account manager now about what will work best for you.


How you benefit:

  • Safe and secure – technically maintained site means it is less likely to be hacked
  • A fresh-looking site that users enjoy visiting
  • A well maintained website attracts new customers and maintains interest with existing customers
  • Improved search engine rankings - regular website maintenance is critical to search engine rankings
  • An experienced account manager to guide you through what will work best for your organisation

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