Face to face, online or by telephone, interviews give you answers


What it is

Interviews are a technique used to gather detailed information from customers or users of products or services. The right set of questions should put the interviewee at ease to engage with the interviewer, so the questions get thorough answers. Interviews can be done face to face (as a group or one to ones), online or by telephone.

When to use it

We advise interviews to be used when you need to know what your staff, customers or product/service users are thinking. The interviews are always done in a relaxed environment, where the interviewee is comfortable to say everything that is going through their mind.

The Benefits

By allowing the interviewees to talk freely and answer open questions, we receive valuable information that can help set a new direction for your business.

A Success Story

Tonrose (hospitality) – staff interviews
The remit of the research Happy did for Tonrose was to establish the staff’s feelings and thoughts in relation to the company. By providing the participants with a relaxed environment and with engaging facilitators, staff members had plenty of chances to voice their opinions. And so they did. The results were presented to the head office and also the staff and common paths of thinking were discovered, which highlighted some quick wins for the company, as well as more long-term objective internally and also in relation to their customer service. The feedback was that the interviews also made the employees feel more engaged, which improved internal morale quite substantially.

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