Market Research Surveys in Blackpool, Lancashire and the UK

Can be done face to face, online and by telephone


What it is

Surveys are used to gather information about existing or potential customers in a certain market or population. The information from the survey is then used to assess attitudes and beliefs, and in turn predict market behaviour, such as buying intentions. Happy can conduct surveys face to face, online or by telephone.

When to use it

Surveys are best used when you need a little information about a lot of different topics and you think you already know some of the answers, you just want to confirm the frequency with which an answer is given. It is also advisable to use a survey when the potential responders would not feel comfortable talking about the topic in the presence of others or the topic is so controversial that it would cause a distracting polarity if asked about within a focus group. You should use a survey if you have already defined key issues through a qualitative approach (focus groups, interviews, etc.) and want to know what the larger population thinks.

The Benefits

Surveys can confirm or debunk your suspicions about a group’s opinion. It can lead your business into the right direction just when you thought you were already on the right path.

A Success Story

Jhoots (staff survey)
Sometimes time, budgets or resources don’t allow for interviews to be done with everyone we feel we should talk to. When this happens, we carefully select a representative number of participants and then create a survey that can reach the people we can’t talk to. This is what Happy did with Jhoots. The face to face interviews resulted in a number of insights that had to be confirmed by asking the same questions to a larger audience. In the end, the two combined (interviews and survey) gave Happy – and Jhoots – a very clear result on the staff’s thoughts on the company.

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