Tone of Voice Workshop

When customers identify a tone of voice, they're also identifying a personality. ... Developing a consistent tone of voice across all of your customers' connections to your brand, including all social media channels, makes you appear authentic.

Consistent, relevant messaging at all touchpoints of your business allows you to build an authentic brand, especially relevant in today’s “review economy” where social proof is foremost.

There is an increasing number of companies who have or are revisiting their brands, who have recently pivoted and who have changed the direction of the business with new markets, new customers or new products. These companies are looking to their brand guidelines for consistency of messaging across all channels

  • Your brand has lost its personality and authenticity.
  • The way you communicate what your brand is about has become confusing.
  • Your new offer isn’t being represented accurately.
  • You have recently entered a new market, have new customers or new products and your messaging doesn’t feel aligned.
  • Your tone of voice is different on each platform you use to connect with your audience, making your brand appear inconsistent.

What's included

    A half hour consultation before the workshop to understand what’s happening in your
         business and what you’re experiencing with your messaging

   A 2 hour online workshop facilitated by experienced marketeers and copywriters

    A series of interactive exercises to explore your different audiences and agree the most aligned tone

    Copywriting services to express your tone of voice

    Following the workshop your company will receive a “tone of voice” document
         complete with example text, how to “speak” to your audiences

    A consultative document that can be used in the long-term which can be
         consulted regularly and shared with all stakeholders to ensure consistency of messaging

    Actual examples of messaging and how the tone of voice is used in your own business


For available dates or to ask any questions, please call 01253 446933 or email