Why Content Marketing ?

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Everyone is talking about content, why?

Your customers have become hungry, very hungry for content and not just any content…good, interesting and useful content. The kind that keeps their attention for minutes whilst they scoot through another Twitter screen or LinkedIn update. The kind that makes them laugh, or want to be the “first” in their social group to find and share. The kind of content that gives them a “I did not know that” moment…however brief.

Unfortunately this kind of great content doesn’t create itself. Understanding your market is key, as is the understanding that content marketing is only one prong in a fork that is essential for any business worth it’s salt these days.

Good content, On-page “SEO”, Online PR and Link/Placement and Social are the prongs that are essential for any website to perform.

Content marketing builds social awareness of your brand. It’s the signal potential customers need that says you’re credible and trustworthy. It’s how they carry out their due diligence checks, and how you engage with new and existing customers.

Content marketing is about using interesting, informative, original material to drive people to your business. It’s about telling a story about your business, brand or product in an engaging way.

Crafting content requires a great deal of time and an understanding of the brand and audience in a way many companies do not thoroughly appreciate. The material you offer up to your audience will be considered the meat of the dish served and if it’s not cooked to their tastes, you will struggle.

This explains why many start-ups will begin with other content creators, working towards their piece de resistance. But what should also be considered is that little and often is much more effective, also in cost and time.

It’s something our customers are already benefiting from, with algorithm changes at Google driving the requirement for quality content and Social Media dominating the business landscape.

Content Marketing is not just what you say – it’s where you say it, allied together this creates tangible business results…and THAT is why.



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