12 reasons to be Happy!

Today, Happy turned 12 – and that’s a big deal to us!

As you may have probably noticed we like being happy and we are pretty good at it.

More than that though, we like making our clients happy – the clue is very much in the name for us.

So what does it mean to a Happy to be happy? We asked The Happies for their thoughts!

Here’s 12 reasons we love being happy:

“The work culture we have built-up over the last 12 years. It’s considerate, creative, intelligent and quick witted.”

“Working with some incredible clients and creating some amazing work.”

“We get to have the happiest boss in the world!”

“It’s a crazy bunch and we can go on power walks during lunchtime to keep fit and healthy”

“It’s a great place where we make things happen…we help our client’s vision/dreams to become true.”

“Monday’s Creative Challenge.” (we start the week off with a challenge to get our creative juices flowing)

“Good afternoon chats we all have sometimes.” (about our various brilliant client projects, of course!)

“We have our ideas listened to.”

“The variety of work that we do. Every day is different.”

“There’s a smorgasbord of projects we get to work on from animation to market research.”

“The Happies themselves… and the warm family environment we have here at Happy HQ.”

“Being allowed to express ourselves in the work we do.”

…and one for next year!

“We work hard but we also get to drink a variety of teas (and eat cake) because that’s important!”

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What would make you happy today?