A Happy time for reflection…

OVER the past 12 months we have been reminded that human spirit will overcome in the end, no matter what is thrown at us.

We like that at Happy.

From the reaction to the refugee crisis which has overtaken Europe and the shocking images from Paris just a month ago to the floods which turned families lives upside down with just a few weeks to go till Christmas.

But as a race we refused to back down and through the harshest of adversity the human spirit has shone through. People have opened their homes and businesses in order to help people worse off than themselves, an outpouring of human emotion in the City of Lights has proved there is a light that will never go out and, closer to home, just 40 miles from Happy HQ, people are rebuilding their lives with the help of strangers (and footballers!)

As we reflect on 2015 we are reminded that happiness will always overcome the hurt which people (and nature) want to inflict on us and it comes from the most unlikely of sources.

The power of friendship stretches far beyond the gifts we share with each other. It comes from a goalkeeper at Carlisle United helping to clear the murky water from a semi-detached in the city before training. It comes from a hotel owner in Ambleside who has closed for the season but still wants to make sure some families have a warm place to stay and it also comes from a country who has witnessed the atrocities and opened their arms for welcoming them.

There is goodwill all around us and it’s at this time of the year that humanity should reflect on this.

Have a Happy Christmas from all at Happy Creative.

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What would make you happy today?