Branding Workshop

Being authentic really matters; but what if your brand isn’t aligned with your values?

Creating a brand-driven marketing strategy is integral to business success, whether you're an SME or large national organisation

When a person trusts a brand it makes them loyal, and when they’re loyal they buy more; however, your brand must be consistently authentic

If you feel one, some or all of the below are happening, our branding workshop with our Lancashire based team will certainly help bring clarity and direction.

  • Your brand is not aligned with your offer anymore and you have lost sight of who you really are as a brand.
  • Your brand is no longer instigating trust from its target audience and not attracting as much revenue.
  • Your brand has lost its mojo and you feel you have to get back to basics.
  • You’re creating a brand identity, values and positioning for the first time for your scaling business.

What's included

    A 1-hour online consultation before the workshop to understand where you are as a brand,
         so we know where we are departing from

    Interactive 2-hour online bespoke workshop for up to 10 facilitated by marketing professionals 

    A personalised workshop

    A fully-facilitated exercise to determine brand purpose

    An interactive exercise to determine authentic brand values

    A group discussion and diagnostic around positioning

    A facilitated conversation focussing on perception

    A brand values document

    A positioning statement

    Recommendations for next steps and how to implement in your business


For available dates or to ask any questions, please call 01253 446933 or email