Mini Marketing Strategy

A good marketing strategy is designed to drive long-term growth and profit. It gives you a disciplined, methodical and comprehensive way to think about your business. The strategy guides the way, and is the bedrock on which all marketing decisions are made.

We’re helping SMEs with their marketing strategy to help guide them in achieving the best results.


  • You feel you have no direction for your brand at present.
  • You feel you have lost touch with your target audience.
  • You don’t know how to communicate with your audience.
  • Your sales have dropped substantially.
  • You know you need a plan but you don’t have the time to develop one.
  • You need some specialist senior level marketing support.

What's included

    An initial 60 minute consultation with a senior marketer to understand
         the business and its goals

    A 90 minute discovery session to find out more about the business, its marketing
         and customers (retention, acquisition, share) and what has happened previously

    An audit of existing marketing activities / materials

    The creation of marketing strategy by a senior marketer covering objectives,
         goals, tactics and importantly “the how” of achieving those goals

    A one page marketing plan for ease of reference and use

    A suggested marketing budget

    A 12 month marketing strategy and plan personalised for your business


For an initial conversation about what’s involved in creating a mini marketing strategy to support your business or to ask any questions, please call 01253 446933 or email