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Creating words of influence


Writing regular, shareable content including news and blogs is essential in attracting inbound leads for your organisation. Happy specialises in writing engaging content for businesses who are looking to generate enquiries and increase exposure of their brand.

Blogging helps brands build credibility and trust, connect with new audiences online and ultimately generate leads.

Sharing regular blogs has these benefits:

• Increased website traffic, helping convert interest into action 
• Increased confidence, as people prefer to do business with brands that share regularly as they look like successful companies
• Increased growth; businesses that embrace blogging see more growth in terms of leads than those who don’t 

We appreciate that a regular blog schedule is often difficult to maintain for businesses, especially if you're a growing organisation focused on serving your customers. Happy’s blog specialists will help you with subject suggestions, SEO and keywords, tone and style as well as writing the piece itself. We’ll even publish on your website, saving you valuable time. Sound good? Email, request a callback or call 01253 446933.



Content marketing examples


Here’s a small selection of content and copywriting for Happy’s clients covering a range of sectors. If you’d like to see what we’d do for your business, we’ll happily write some sample content. Tell us more at, request a callback or call 01253 446933.



What else can we write?


A whole lot more.

We’re rather adept with words for…

• Websites • Blogs • News Stories • Marketing Campaigns • Direct Mail • Brochures
• Leaflets • Press Ads • Digital Ads • Case Studies • Scripts • Customer Magazines
• Video Content • Annual Reports • LinkedIn corporate page management
• Brand guidelines
• Landing pages • Posters • Brand Values

And more

We start with discovering who you are, your brand, your products and services, and your target audience before creating content that’s personalised for your organisation. 



Happy’s copywriters and blog content specialists will
create compelling content written specifically for you. Sound good?
Request a callback, Email or call 01253 446933.


Content marketing strategy

Personalised, effective strategy to guide activity

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Engaging videos that bring your brand to life

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