Focus Groups in Blackpool, Lancashire and the UK

Get insights that only face to face interaction can provide


What it is

A focus group is a qualitative market research technique carried out with consumers or businesses. They are open ended in nature and help market research clients understand opinions, perceptions, generate ideas or gauge reactions to concepts. Groups normally include between 5 and 8 respondents and a research moderator who carefully leads the discussion.

When to use it

You can find out what people think of a new product you are planning to launch, you can get people’s opinion on a design concept or you can discuss the journey customers go through when they buy your product or use your service. Focus groups are generally open discussions, so you’re not looking for a specific answer, but a general feeling about a particular subject.

The Benefits

Lots of insights about a particular subject/issue. Our bespoke approach with a small number of people gets participants comfortable and confident to give their opinion in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

A Success Story

Flair Rugs (retail) – for design response

Flair Rugs wanted a new logo. To start the process, Happy decided to do some desk research and also understand how people felt about Flair’s old brand before moving onto the design stage. The focus groups helped Happy understand the elements that were a common occurrence when they thought of a retail brand such as Flair Rugs and also gave important insights relating to their old branding. Following the research, Happy created a new brand for Flair, which was extremely well-received by their staff, partners and customers.

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