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Cambridge University Press

face2face Campaign Concept



Cambridge University Press, a global publishing institution and the publishing business of the University of Cambridge since 1534. “The world’s oldest and most respected publisher”.


  • Create a campaign concept for face2face, an English course used globally.
  • Applying the concept onto various marketing materials.


  • A fresh and visually striking concept for the face2face
  • Impactful visuals that can be used to introduce the course in new markets such as Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

The Brief

face2face is a course aimed at both native and non-native speaker teachers. The course is suitable for use in a variety of teaching contexts, most notably private language schools, universities and state language schools. face2face is aimed primarily at Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and countries in the Americas that prefer British English courses to American English courses. This is a wide audience to talk to and Cambridge asked Happy to help them do that.

The Idea

The main message was for teachers to motivate their students to take a fresh look at life in English. Cambridge wanted the teachers to feel excited about using the course with their students. Happy explored the idea of using English in day-to-day life through effective communication. This was conveyed by the use of icons forming body parts and objects we use to express ourselves. The concept has great visual impact and shows the many possibilities that come with learning a new language.


The Outcome

The concept visuals for the campaign were very well received by the internal marketing staff at Cambridge University Press and the campaign will be further developed when the new edition of the course is completed.


Cambridge is happy because...

“Can I just say that I really appreciate the work you and your colleagues have put into this project and I look forward to working together again in the future”.


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    Cambridge University Press – face2face Campaign
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