Smelling sweet with Lavender hotels

We like our food here at Happy.

Eating out, trying new cuisines, always having our eyes (and tummies) on keeping things local.

One of our latest clients, Lavender Hotels, is also keen on its locality.

Surrounded by stunning countryside, Fitzy’s at Higher Trapp in Burnley is just one restaurant managed by its parent company.

Happy has taken over management for their social media channels and providing PR support for the award-winning eatery.

The restaurant is now the talk of neighbouring towns after Happy’s social campaigns raised its profile by making its signature dishes – such as their “rag pudding” – the face of the Fitzy’s. Using traditional Lancashire dishes, focusing on the concept of buying from local producers and creating online recipes has seen the venue enjoy a bumper festive season and start to the new year.

Happy designers have supported the social campaigns with memes from the chefs at Fitzy’s giving helpful tips and tricks to culinary challenges.

Happy is currently working on a number of campaigns focusing on events and activities taking place around the hills at Higher Trapp.

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