Five marketing details you should embrace

Small details can make a big difference.

It’s true.

Effective marketing doesn’t have to include big budgets and acres of time.

When budgets are tight there are some easy to implement actions that will help you with your marketing:

Be the most helpful version of yourself

Give. We all know that giving is very rewarding, and giving away a little something that helps someone is a great way to engage. Share your top tips in your area of expertise, share your own experiences to help guide others. Be helpful by sharing your knowledge by answering someone’s questions. The social platforms are a great way to embrace being the most helpful version of yourself. And to know you’ve helped someone makes you feel good too.

Use pictures of your team on your website

Many companies already do this, but you’ll be surprised how many don’t . People like to see other people; it’s human nature, we subconsciously recognise the shape of a face in our fellow species. And our natural curiosity as a race means we like to find out more too. In this social age, it’s more the norm to dig deeper, people want to know more about the people behind the brand. Their story. And what they look like. They feel more connected to them when they do.

Embrace the complaint

This may seem an odd one to include but 96% of dissatisfied customers don’t complain. They simply walk away. They may not know how to complain, or may feel that their complaint won’t be heard or acted upon. They may not tell you, but they will tell others. Imagine if you could tap into what has made them unhappy and resolve it, or at least understand the reasons behind their dissatisfaction. This could help retain customers and also improve internal processes to help increase retention.

Call to Actions

Call to Actions (CTA) are often overlooked in our need to convey important information, and tell our story. But they are so powerful as they guide the journey. It may seem oversimplified but if you want someone to sign up for a newsletter, pick up the phone and call you, place an order or make a donation …. Tell them. Make it easy for them across all platforms – in your ads, on your social platforms, in your newsletters, on your website.

The Power of Thank You

Two words which can be used to great effect. Use manners that your parents would be proud of. When was the last time you thanked your customers for a piece of business or their continued business. It doesn’t have to involve grand gestures, I find that a phone call is always well received. As is thanking a journalist for publishing your PR story, and your team for a job well done. Having an attitude of gratitude each and every day in business does go a long way.

In today’s business world we do work in competitive markets with a plethora of media at our disposal, whatever sector you work in, it’s likely to be very noisy. Try out some small things in your marketing to help you make a difference in your market place.

Karen Lambert is a creative thinker, an experienced strategic marketer, founder and Managing Director of Happy Creative.

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