A Happy guide to… social media images

Along with the majority of the technology we have at our finger tips, social media platforms are continually evolving and adapting, changing formats and, occasionally, frustrating users!

Earlier this year, Facebook announced that videos would start to autoplay with sound (groan!) which is no doubt to increase advertising revenue generated through video content, however fear not – you can switch it off in settings!

LinkedIn also had some updates this year. It went through a major overhaul for desktop users. Some of you may have noticed it now resembles Facebook, with the newsfeed sitting down the middle leaving space down the right for “What you need to know now” and LinkedIn ads.

Quite a shift to the overall look and feel of the desktop site and despite the initial moaning, I have become accustomed to where everything is again and can barely remember its former style.

With this update has come a change in the size of the background image for your personal and business profiles – which brings me on to the point…

Yes, I’m speaking to you today with purpose!

We often get asked to create images for our client’s social media platforms, and of course we’re happy to help. If you did want to have a go yourselves, we’ve created some handy guides that show you how to position your images correctly for both desktop and mobile use.




If you’d like these as Photoshop templates, want help on images for other social channels, or if you’d like us to save you the hassle and do it for you, please just let us know!

With the responsiveness of social platforms and their ever changing nature, it’s difficult to ensure complete accuracy, however these are pretty darn close at the time of creation!

John Filmer is an Account Manager, creative thinker at Happy Creative, a strategic marketing and branding agency based in Blackpool, Lancashire. To learn more or contact us please go to www.happy-creative.co.uk

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A Happy guide to… social media images
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